Last Rights

To save one child, she must risk the life of another

Hired to transport her nephew’s clone across the country for the heart transplant needed to save his life, private detective Fallon Monroe never expected to be thrust into a dangerous conspiracy, hunted by terrorists, dirty cops, and vigilantes, all while carrying the burden of a terrible choice. Fallon’s attraction to the mysterious soldier who saves her life doesn’t help matters. She’s been down the “married man” road before, with disastrous results.

To survive his future, he must accept his past

Special Ops Lieutenant John White has only just awakened from a coma when a terrified woman bursts into his hospital room, followed by two terrorists who want to kill her and the child in her care. Above the instinctual need to survive is a strange compulsion he can’t explain: protect this woman and child. Before he remembers what put him into a coma he’s on the run with beautiful Fallon and her strangely advanced clone child, unwilling to think too hard on exactly what he was doing in a hospital devoted to cloning studies.

Excerpt from Chapter 1
The detonation was so catastrophic it didn’t seem real. Not on American soil, not since the Jihad attacks...

The child in his arms winced and let out a wail.

It’s okay. I’ll protect you. Desperation pulled at his fraying edges. Even as he thought it, he knew he couldn’t. They would die. This child, and the beautiful woman who stared at him with such pleading in her eyes.

Not again, please. If there is a God... As quickly as the flash of terror hit him, it was gone.

Procedure. You know what to do.

The fireball swelled, scorching the cars around it, before it rolled into the sky and unfurled in a plume of black smoke.

Someone had used an overkill of explosive. The percussion pressed on his ears and gripped his entire body like a warm, squeezing hand.

He lunged, shoving the woman against a parked car as the trunk of her vehicle crashed to the ground where they’d been standing. He sagged against her, relishing the softness that was a relief to the sharp pain throbbing in every nerve. He caught that flowery scent again. Tiny gray and green flecks caused the unique turquoise hue in her panicked eyes.

Her gaze shot over his shoulder. He craned his head around and received a sharp stab in his neck as a reward. Two men; the security officer from the second floor and another in a black suit, were moving swiftly through the maze of parked cars. So there had been four, after all.

“This way,” she said, slipping out from beneath him.

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