Her Dangerous Desires

Book 3 in the Deadly Sight series
Mallory Massaro is a wild party girl who drinks, swears, and dances nude on a pole, and she's one of the most powerful psychics of all her sisters. She prefers to leave Saving the World to them, but when her best friend is murdered... she's going to make the killer wish he'd never been born.

She’s willing to sacrifice her dignity to find justice

Mallory Massaro is like her sisters; she has unique psychic abilities that allow her to sense violence in other people. But unlike her sisters, she has never cared to help the world with its woes. Instead, she floats through life like it’s one giant party, indulging in the latest bad boy to catch her interest. Nobody has expectations of her, because they know they’ll never be met. But when her best friend is murdered—after taking a job dancing on a pole in Hollywood’s seedy underbelly—things get personal for Mallory. She’s going to use her abilities to flush out the killer, and she may or may not call in the police when she does. She might just take care of this particular scumbag herself. And to her delight, after installing herself undercover at said pole dancing establishment, Mallory gets some ass-kicking practice on low-level scumbags, and discovers she likes it as much as she’s good at it.

Unfortunately, one infuriatingly annoying private investigator has also installed himself undercover at the Pink Rose, and he’s dead-set on stopping her. Squeaky clean, know-it-all Travis Boyd is the opposite of her type and Mallory shouldn’t care what he thinks, so why does she? To make matters worse, she’s allowing herself to become distracted by what she’s loathe to admit is mutual attraction.

He’s willing to sacrifice his straight-laced principles to help her

Ex-cop Travis Boyd met the three oldest Massaro sisters when they hired him to find their runaway baby sister. Each possesses stunning beauty and astonishing psychic abilities, but bizarrely, of the three women it was the mouthy and sarcastic Mallory who left the biggest impression on him. The Massaros are of obvious wealth, with a spectacular Bel Air home and expensive cars, and he never expects to find Mallory working in a strip club on Hollywood Boulevard. Yet there she is, dancing topless on a stage for drooling cave-dwellers. Something isn’t right, and knowing what he does about the secretive sisters, he suspects the brazen girl is hiding an ulterior motive. Travis is determined to find out what it is, no matter how hard she pushes him away.