How often do you release a new book? 
I complete one manuscript and a short story or two per year, depending on my personal schedule. By signing up for my newsletter, you’ll receive an update whenever I release a new book or short story, or put one on sale.

What are you writing now? 
I’m currently working on the third book in a new series about four sisters with psychic abilities hiding in Los Angeles.

Where can I buy your books? 
All of my books are available through Amazon. Most are also available at Barnes & Noble, Google Books, iBooks, Kobo, and Smashwords. You should never download books through a torrent or pirate site. One; you hurt authors if you do. One of the reasons I only publish one book per year is that I work full time, too. If I can't earn my living at writing, I can't devote my full time to it. Another important reason to avoid illegitimate sellers is you might just end up with something from them that you didn't bargain for.

I am not responsible for viruses, parasites, plagues, boils, or evil spirits one might acquire taking one's chances at a pirate site.

Are the people or places in your books real?
That depends. My Christmas series is set in the fictional northwest town of Welcome, which is modeled after the beautiful town of Mendocino, California. Several of my thrillers are set in real cities. One of my favorite settings to write in is San Francisco, because—call me biased—San Francisco is my favorite city in the whole world.

I’ve been through some amazing experiences. Can you write my life story? 
Uh, no. And here's why (in addition to nine other things you should never say to a writer).