August Unknown

Danger lurks in a past she can’t remember...

She doesn’t know what happened the night of the storm, why she was walking along the highway without ID, or why she has a fading tan line on her wedding ring finger, but a dark and terrifying presence haunts the edge of her memory. Before she can start a new life with the wonderful man who came to her rescue, she must remember what in her past might take her away from him.

Heartache lies in a past he can’t forget...

Blaming himself for his late wife’s death, Geoffrey Barthlow has only begun to scrape together the pieces of his shattered life. When Jane Doe “August” falls into his world, he sees the opportunity to help her as a chance to heal his own soul. But as he finds himself falling for the beautiful mystery woman, he knows his heart is once again at risk; she has another life somewhere that she will eventually remember.

"The author cleverly weaves in more than one red herring, and keeps us wondering..."
Long and Short Reviews

"LOVED this book from the 1st page until the last. The writer wove a beautiful romance, peppered with suspense."
Amazon Reviewer

He crossed the room to stand before her, silhouetted by the gray light filtering through the window. 

August studied his features in the dim light. His brown eyes were gentle, with a touch of sadness at their edges. She suspected this man wasn’t only shy around women, but had a past as deep and mysterious as her own.

“Is your arm starting to hurt again?”

She nodded. “But not so badly I want another of those pills. They make me feel groggy.”

She glanced past him to the ocean. A spike of fear raced to her heart at the sight of it. Somehow, she understood she shouldn’t be dulling her senses. That unidentifiable threat hovering at the edge of her memory was always there, always just out of reach. August suspected whatever dark, dreadful thing was following her, it was closer than she knew.

She glanced into Geoffrey’s eyes and relief replaced the spike of fear. She placed her hand on his arm. A tingle of brilliant awareness raced through her fingers.

“I’m more grateful than you know. This is difficult for me, but you’re making it easier.”

His gaze slipped away, and then met hers again. “I’m glad I could help. I need to do this for you. I owe it.”

His broad shoulders blocked out the light as he stood over her, taller than she’d first thought. Looking up at him, she saw it again: something haunted lingering in his eyes.

“Why do you feel indebted?”

Geoffrey moved past her and headed for the door.

“We’re all indebted for something.”