Guest Posting Information

Be a guest on my blog! If you're interested in posting here, email me at

Topic 1:

Currently I'm hosting guest authors for short discussions on genre.  To be a guest, send me a 2-3 paragraphs (1k words max) on why you write in the genre you do, why you love it, why it's important to you, or where you feel it has its place in popular fiction today. Or whatever you want to say about it!

Please include

  • The month you'd like (see availability below)
  • Your latest book blurb
  • Your book's cover
  • Your buy links (if you have associate codes you want included. Otherwise I will build your links)
  • Optional: Your author photo
  • Optional: If you want to include a drawing for a prize or fee book

My current slots in 2017 are

  • January: Crystal Kauffman on futuristic scienc fiction
  • February
  • March: 
  • April: Reina Williams on sweet and fairytale romance
  • May: Carolyn Rae
  • June: Judith Keim on Women's Fiction
  • July: Michele Drier on Psychological Thrillers and Jasmine Haynes on Office Romance
  • August: Patty Blount on The 3 Stories of Romance
  • September: Celia Juliano on Sexy Billionaire Romances
  • October: Michael Garzillo on Gothic romance set in San Francisco
  • November: Jackie Hyman on Medical Romance
  • December: Ginger Monette on Jane Austen Fan Fiction

Topic 2:
Anything you want to write about! Same includes as above