Oct 25, 2017

Tiny House Infatuation: The Cousin Cabana

I have stumbled across the perfect tiny house. It’s hard to believe this stylish cabana house is only 610 square feet.  I guess it’s true, smart use of floor plan makes all the difference. Though I’m not certain there’s a bedroom. I found the builder’s website and there wasn’t a photograph of a bedroom there, either.  Perhaps they simply didn’t show it for privacy’s sake. 


Also, they claim it’s only 480 square feet. I absolutely love the sleek, efficient lines of this postmodernist structure and its vast windows. If I were to show examples to a potential builder, this would be the first house with the only caveat “add a bedroom.”

The bathroom is spacious, the windows let in lots of natural light and spectacular access to the view, wherever you decide to build. The exterior is as beautiful as the interior, and blends so beautifully with a green environment. I love the patio area and the fact that it “steps up” adding to the set-apart feeling of privacy from any neighbors (if there were) and the way the roof line, with its recessed lighting,has uninterrupted flow from inside to outside. 

A new favorite! Visit the builder's website:

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