Sep 15, 2017

Celia Juliano on Sexy Billionaire Romances

Confession: I haven’t read a lot of billionaire romance (yet). My typical choices are millionaire businessmen or successful academics, working-class men, ballplayers, or a paranormal hottie—not billionaires. But there’s something about a sexy European billionaire who thinks he doesn’t need love in his life, who meets the one woman he can’t get out of his mind, one he’d do almost anything to have. And, being a billionaire, he can do almost anything. Yet the heroine doesn’t want just anything—nothing material (though those designer clothes, magical nights out, and private jets and limos—and islands—are fun). She wants a man who she can love and respect—and know his mind, his heart, his soul. His essence (I don’t mean that other essence. Yes, she wants that essence too, but let’s talk about the emotions, not the sexy times—though those are fun too!). But our billionaire hero doesn’t want to bare his soul—he controls, takes charge, deals ruthlessly, gets what he wants. She is what he wants most, but she desires what he wants least to give. For me, that’s the fun of the billionaire romance: watching the dance between the billionaire and his love, the steps of a pas de deux, where both hero and heroine explore what makes each unique, and perfect together. Billionaire romance feels like pure escapism, but that dance speaks to a truth about life and love: that love demands we give of ourselves, and we find ourselves—and our love—in return.

What do you enjoy about billionaire romance? Do you have any favorites you recommend?

Celia Juliano learned to read at the age of two, beginning her lifetime love of books, especially those with a happily ever after. She grew up believing in fairies, angels, Santa Claus, and the true love of an Italian prince. Now she writes delicious, heartfelt romance, and still believes in magic and love. A native Californian, she lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Billionaire’s Vow: A Novella (Romano Conglomerate, Book One)
Kat Argyris needs to let go. She’s flying to Greece to scatter her father’s ashes, try to resurrect her career, and forget sexy, reclusive Greek billionaire Stavros Georgatos. But Stavros won’t leave her alone, and when her day goes horribly awry, he rescues her and brings her to his island. Stavros has vowed to make her his wife, but can he convince her, and can he realize in time that love is the only way?

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