May 1, 2017

Tiny House Living: The Dome House

This tiny house almost falls more closely under PreFab, but I’m including it in the series because they are so ingenious and cool looking, and because I could actually see living in one of these. Not only are they inventive and surprisingly spacious on the inside, but they’re an excellent first step in tackling the growing problem of housing shortages our planet faces. These domes are made of high-intensity polystyrene and go together in easy-to-transport sections.

These dome structures can be divided into two rooms, and connected to form multi-dome structures. There are numerous variations available to build stores, restaurants, greenhouses or warehouses. 
They are energy efficient, wind resistant, earthquake resistant, and inexpensive, which makes them an excellent solution for parts of the world that endure frequent hurricanes and earthquakes. They are non-toxic, practically fireproof, and resistant to mold and decay.

While iDome House is a Japanese company, I anticipate that like Godzilla, these super cool dwellings will be coming to the US soon. Check out the company website for more information on just how fantastic these homes really are, and watch a cute video on youtube.

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