Apr 10, 2017

Guest Author Reina Williams on Fairytale Romance

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a land of golden hills and sunny days. She loved to read and her father took her and her sister to the library every week. At home, she had her own library of numbered and alphabetized books, including Perrault’s Fairy Tales (illustrated by Walter Crane), a 1950s picture book of Cinderella (that her dad read with a spot-on fairy godmother voice!), and the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Over the years, she travelled and had many adventures, but the stories she’d read at home stayed in her heart. Now, she writes stories she loves, of love.

Walter Crane illustration from Beauty and the Beast

In case you didn’t guess, that girl is me. Fairy tales capture our imaginations from the time we’re children. For some of us, they hold continued appeal throughout our lives. People have told fairy tales for centuries and there are at least as many fairy tale variations as there are cultures in our world, and more. Their universal, underlying themes remain relevant—the search for love, the heroic journey, the push-pull between the forces of good and evil. Some say that fairy tales have to have magic, or magical creatures, or tell a certain kind of tale, but to me, love is magic. So, in a way, all love stories are fairy tales. That’s why I enjoy reading and writing romance—especially sweet romance, which reminds me of my favorite childhood stories in both its gentleness and acknowledgement of life’s challenges.

There are so many movies and books I love based on fairy tales—too many to name here! But some of my favorites are the Disney movies, beautifully illustrated children’s books, and the books of Robin McKinley and Donna Jo Napoli. What are your favorite fairy tales or fairy tale adaptations or variations?

Thanks, Ava, for hosting me on your blog. Happy reading, everyone, and here’s to creating our happily ever afters!

Two Together

Can a scarred veteran and a caring young woman find love with the help of some unlikely (and unmagical) fairy godpeople?

After the accidental death of her stepfather, Eva Bellarmine goes into hiding with a man known only as “Beast.” At his family’s vacation home in the Sierra mountains, they have to wait until it’s safe for Eva to return home. But as their feelings for each other grow, so too does the danger they’ll have to confront. Can they work together, or will their reluctance to love tear them apart forever? 

 Length: 200 pages Heat level: Sweet
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