Mar 2, 2017

Tiny House Living: The Writer's Cabin

I’ve been morbidly fascinated with tiny home living for years, watching the reality TV shows with gruesome fascination. While this kind of living is not for me, I am literally obsessed with these ingenious tiny houses, so I’m going to post a small series here on the best of the best and what I love (and hate) about them.

I’ve watched a couple of these shows where a family of five—yes FIVE—people (three teenagers, can you imagine???) move into a tiny home under 300 square feet. Are these people crazy? Yes, many of these tiny houses are built of wood, but they’re on trailers, and in my opinion, that’s still a camper.

My husband and I are currently living in 1275 square foot house, which is quite small for us. Let me explain: first of all, we moved from a 1700 square foot townhouse with enormous closets. Second of all, this house is not a well-designed 1275 square feet. The closets are tiny, and the bathrooms...let’s just say it’s a good thing neither of us are overweight or we wouldn’t fit. Thankfully, my kitchen is nice big size, and after a renovation last year, it’s an “open concept” kitchen that shares the great room, which is also a nice size. And thank goodness for that. After one such show, I walked into my great room, held my arms wide, and spun in a big, happy circle. So when I say a tiny house isn’t for me, it’s because I am already living in the smallest house I feel two people can live in together, and stay happily married. My shoe collection wouldn’t fit in some of these houses.

And still, I watch. Because as tiny and cramped and claustrophobic as they seem, to me there is something fabulous about the idea of having a home I can call my own, that’s entirely paid off. Built for me. No mortgage. Off the grid. So while the fantastic on-trailer creations of Zack and John of Tiny House Nation are just not for me, I still watch, and click, and youtube up as much tiny house living as I can. Somewhere, out there, is the house for me.

The first house in my Tiny House Fascination series comes close. The Tiny Writer’s Cabin has incredible views and I love its modern lines.  I love the fact it’s a green house, but the composting toilet is a deal-breaker. I don’t even know if a septic system is possible here, but this girl needs real plumbing. Also as I’m looking at retirement home possibilities, loft sleeping with ladder access has to be ruled out.

You can see more pictures of this Tiny Writer’s Cabin here.