Jan 26, 2017

Crystal Kauffman on Futuristic Scifi Romance

Ava welcomes Crystal Kauffman, author of award winning erotic romance

Many of my books have been set in fantasy realms because of the freedom it allows me to world build and invent, but even still there’s something uniquely fascinating about writing in our future reality.

Home-world science fiction has been shaping our own future reality since the 1920’s, when the word 'robot' was first used to denote a fictional humanoid in a 1920 play R.U.R. by the Czech writer Karel ńĆapek. Robots have graced our fictional books and movies ever since, and since the 1930’s, have actually been in production in one form or another.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) robot

Robotic automation certainly exists today; try to imagine five hundred years in the future. Will robots resemble the machine humanoids from i,Robot, or be impossible to discern from homo sapiens like in Westworld? (If you haven’t been watching BBC’s Humans, put it into your Netflix que. You won’t be sorry!)

Autonomous vehicles have been in our movies since the early 1980’s with films like Demolition Man and Total Recall (even earlier if you count such gobbledygook as Woody Allen’s 1973 “Sleeper”) and they are a reality today. It makes me wonder what futuristic devices I write about that could possibly become a reality decades after I’m gone!

Crystal Kauffman’s latest scifi romance, The Prince, the third book in the Soldiers of the Universal Guard series, is available now in ebook at your favorite online retailer. The Soldiers of the Universal Guard use the latest weapons technology and super-slick space vehicles to keep the galaxy safe.

The Prince: Soldiers of the Universal Guard book 3
When she’s accidentally dosed with an alien drug, Universal Guard Search and Rescue Lieutenant Cara Garrett loses control of her inhibitions in a way that could get her laid for the first time in eons...or thrown in jail!

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The Pirate: Soldiers of the Universal Guard book 1
Captain Julianna Forbes needs an outlaw pilot to land her on lawless planet X19, the known lair of a villainous space trader who's kidnapped her sister. Who better than renegade Lieutenant Reid Walker? But Reid makes a bold demand: he wants Julianna, every which way he can have her, for the three day voyage there, or it's no deal.
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The Soldier: Soldiers of the Universal Guard book 2
Forbidden to marry or even dally while on duty, Jace doesn’t dream about things he can never have. But when he meets the courageous princess condemned to a loveless marriage who dreams of nothing but finding love, he learns some things are worth wishing for.
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