May 31, 2017

Judith Keim on writing Romantic Women’s Fiction

I write what is called Romantic Women’s Fiction, which is women’s fiction with romantic elements. Some would call it a blend of the two, however, the stories center on the woman’s journey, which includes finding love. I usually say I write about strong women facing challenges and finding love along the way.

For a long time, there were strict rules in identifying genres. In the romance genre, it was sometimes dictated that the hero and heroine had to meet by page five or certainly within the first chapter. With the advent of self-pubbing and the success of so many writers, classification of books has broadened. Readers want a good story that reads well and keeps them entertained without worrying about rules.

It’s important to me to have this flexibility because I love stories about characters who grow as individuals by facing tough choices but who also realize how important love is in everyone’s life. And if you, like me, love HEAs (Happily Ever Afters), Romantic Women’s Fiction is satisfying to both writers and readers. I hope you enjoy my stories!

Judith Keim was born and raised in Elmira, New York, and now makes her home in Idaho with her husband and long-haired dachshund, Winston, and other members of her family.

Growing up, books were always present - being read, ready to go back to the library or about to be discovered. Information from the books was shared in general conversation, giving all of us in the family a wealth of knowledge and a lot of imagination. Perhaps that is why I was drawn to the idea of writing stories early on. I particularly love to write novels about women who face unexpected challenges with strength and find love along the way.
A hybrid author who both has a publisher and self-publishes, Ms. Keim writes heart-warming stories of strong women who face challenges and find love and happiness along the way. Her books are based, in part, on many of the places she’s lived or visited and on the interesting people she’s met along the way, creating believable characters and realistic settings her many, loyal readers love.

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FINDING ME -The Salty Key Inn Series – Book 1 – was released February 7, 2017.

Sheena Sullivan Morelli and her sisters, Darcy and Regan, receive the unexpected news that their Uncle Gavin Sullivan, the black sheep of the family, has left them a hotel on the Gulf coast of Florida. The gift comes with a twist. They must live together for one year at the hotel and prepare the hotel to receive guests within a year. Sheena, eager to escape her role of unappreciated wife and mother, can’t wait for the opportunity to find herself. Dreams of sitting on the beach sipping margaritas are shattered when they see the property in need of renovation. But they begin their work of meeting the challenge. If they succeed, the bulk of Gavin’s estate will be theirs. Facing the unexpected, working together, the three sisters learn a lot about each other and the gift of family love.

FINDING MY WAY – Book 2 of the series will be released June 7, 2017 and is now available for Pre-order.

May 1, 2017

Tiny House Living: The Dome House

This tiny house almost falls more closely under PreFab, but I’m including it in the series because they are so ingenious and cool looking, and because I could actually see living in one of these. Not only are they inventive and surprisingly spacious on the inside, but they’re an excellent first step in tackling the growing problem of housing shortages our planet faces. These domes are made of high-intensity polystyrene and go together in easy-to-transport sections.

These dome structures can be divided into two rooms, and connected to form multi-dome structures. There are numerous variations available to build stores, restaurants, greenhouses or warehouses. 
They are energy efficient, wind resistant, earthquake resistant, and inexpensive, which makes them an excellent solution for parts of the world that endure frequent hurricanes and earthquakes. They are non-toxic, practically fireproof, and resistant to mold and decay.

While iDome House is a Japanese company, I anticipate that like Godzilla, these super cool dwellings will be coming to the US soon. Check out the company website for more information on just how fantastic these homes really are, and watch a cute video on youtube.

Apr 10, 2017

Guest Author Reina Williams on Fairytale Romance

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a land of golden hills and sunny days. She loved to read and her father took her and her sister to the library every week. At home, she had her own library of numbered and alphabetized books, including Perrault’s Fairy Tales (illustrated by Walter Crane), a 1950s picture book of Cinderella (that her dad read with a spot-on fairy godmother voice!), and the works of Hans Christian Andersen. Over the years, she travelled and had many adventures, but the stories she’d read at home stayed in her heart. Now, she writes stories she loves, of love.

Walter Crane illustration from Beauty and the Beast

In case you didn’t guess, that girl is me. Fairy tales capture our imaginations from the time we’re children. For some of us, they hold continued appeal throughout our lives. People have told fairy tales for centuries and there are at least as many fairy tale variations as there are cultures in our world, and more. Their universal, underlying themes remain relevant—the search for love, the heroic journey, the push-pull between the forces of good and evil. Some say that fairy tales have to have magic, or magical creatures, or tell a certain kind of tale, but to me, love is magic. So, in a way, all love stories are fairy tales. That’s why I enjoy reading and writing romance—especially sweet romance, which reminds me of my favorite childhood stories in both its gentleness and acknowledgement of life’s challenges.

There are so many movies and books I love based on fairy tales—too many to name here! But some of my favorites are the Disney movies, beautifully illustrated children’s books, and the books of Robin McKinley and Donna Jo Napoli. What are your favorite fairy tales or fairy tale adaptations or variations?

Thanks, Ava, for hosting me on your blog. Happy reading, everyone, and here’s to creating our happily ever afters!

Two Together

Can a scarred veteran and a caring young woman find love with the help of some unlikely (and unmagical) fairy godpeople?

After the accidental death of her stepfather, Eva Bellarmine goes into hiding with a man known only as “Beast.” At his family’s vacation home in the Sierra mountains, they have to wait until it’s safe for Eva to return home. But as their feelings for each other grow, so too does the danger they’ll have to confront. Can they work together, or will their reluctance to love tear them apart forever? 

 Length: 200 pages Heat level: Sweet
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Apr 6, 2017


Now Available!
To save one child, she must risk the life of another

Hired to transport a donor clone across the country for the heart transplant needed to save her nephew’s life, private detective Fallon Monroe never expected to be hunted by terrorists, dirty cops, and vigilantes. Her attraction to the mysterious soldier who saves her life doesn’t help matters. She’s been down the “married man” road before, with disastrous results.

To survive his future, he must accept his past

Special Ops Lieutenant John White has only just awakened from a coma when a terrified woman bursts into his hospital room, followed by two terrorists who want to kill her and the child in her care. Before he remembers what put him into a coma he’s on the run with beautiful Fallon and her strangely advanced clone child, unwilling to think too hard on exactly what he was doing in a hospital devoted to cloning studies.